This is an experimental project, which began in April 2010 and is ongoing until April 2011. In the course of this project, ethnologists, a group of artists, and high school students, aged 13-15, came together. Three Berlin high school classes, with the help of ethnological knowledge and methods within an artistic project, explored, described, and reflected on their own “multicultural” situation. The ethnologists and artists alike learned something about realities – in the real world and in the academic world. “Seven Fields” refers to seven life/experience fields from the world of the high school students. They explored aspects of their environment: likes, dislikes, hopes, habits, and daily-life practices from ethnographic and aesthetic perspectives. During this process the teenagers, with the help and direction of the ethnologists (master’s students) and artists, created products – works of art in various forms – ranging from stories, sculptures, films, interview transcripts put to music, collages and more. One product of this project was an exhibition at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, which ran from March 9 to 17, 2011. Other products include this website, a planned brochure, and radio braodcasts. This experiment was envisioned as a pilot project that might shed light on the transferability of ethnological methods as teaching and learning tools in high schools, and perhaps even in other public settings.

For more information on this project in English please contact Victoria Bishop-Kendzia.